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Deciding to sell a well-loved family business is always a momentous decision. Working with us will mean that you are still able to serve your community in the same way you always have as an independent family-run funeral home.

Please don’t just take our word for it, read first-hand accounts from the people who have already joined Funeral Partners in recent years.

John Clark’s Story

John wanted his sons to take the family business forward as he neared retirement. However, he also didn’t want their work-life balance to suffer as demand from local families continued to increase.

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David Gresty’s Story

Arthur Gresty Funeral Homes considered joining the Funeral Partners family at a unique time, with the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak creating unprecedented demand for quality funeral services and changing government guidance requiring funeral directors to rapidly adapt.

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Richard Marsh’s Story

Richard moved to Southampton for a change of lifestyle, continuing to commute to Burnham. However, management pressures started setting in.

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James Blenkiron’s Story

With a large family, which included ten grandchildren, to take into consideration, the family knew they needed to think about securing the future of the business.

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Ian Chambers & Jeff Brighty’s Story

The decision to talk to prospective purchasers of the business was borne out of Ian Chambers’ desire to retire in 2018. 

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Lynne Walker’s Story

Lynne and John had started the business when they were aged 44 and 51 respectively, and after 16 happy and successful years they realised they couldn’t continue at such a pace indefinitely!

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Wendy Alder’s Story

After much deliberation, Wendy was keen to enter into discussions with Funeral Partners as their reputation sat comfortably within Firmager’s own ethos.

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David & Richard Steele’s Story

George Steele & Son ultimately saw the move as a great opportunity to relieve the pressure and begin its next 100 years on the right foot.

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John G Hogg’s Story

John was proud of his business’ successful practices and family-run reputation and, when approached by Funeral Partners, he was quick to stress the need for continuity and maintaining its strong community links.

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