We have wonderful partners throughout the UK

Deciding to sell a well-loved family business is always a momentous decision. Working with us will mean that you are still able to serve your community in the same way you always have as an independent family-run funeral home.

Please don’t just take our word for it, read first-hand accounts from the people who have already joined Funeral Partners in recent years.

James Blenkiron’s Story

We’re delighted that working with Funeral Partners has in no way diluted the good-will built up over the years.

Ian Chambers & Jeff Brighty's Story

Funeral Partners offered us the opportunity to continue working the way we did as an independent business, with lots of enhancements.

Lynne Walker's Story

Accepting to move forward with Funeral Partners was the best decision we could have made and has totally lived up to our expectations.

Wendy Alder's Story

The journey for Firmager continues with Funeral Partners, and it’s a journey that we want to take.