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Here at Funeral Partners we have a real emphasis on teamwork across our ever-expanding network of branches. Everyone works to support each other in delivering their part.

Join us and you’ll gain confidence in your ability to help people and become part of a team that delivers a ‘celebration of life’ to be very proud of. There are numerous roles available within the funeral homes, something to suit many types of people.

You don’t need previous funeral industry experience for all of our roles, as we’ll train and develop you through our extensive twelve-week induction program and continuous personal development plan.

Our teams are also an integral part of the local community, getting involved in a variety of fundraising events across the country.

We encourage an open and honest culture and have an experienced management team that leads by example, they will provide constant nurturing and encouragement for you to grow and develop into the best that you can be.

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Regional Development Director

If you see yourself as an inspirational and motivational leader, passionate about the success of Funeral Partners, the role of Regional Development Director could be perfect for you.

This senior management role is key in driving and influencing the growth and development of the business and its people.

If you’re currently a regional manager who strives for excellent client service, operational efficiency, has strong leadership skills and would like to work in an autonomous role, we’d like to hear from you.

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Area Development Manager

Our Area Development Managers play a key role in ensuring exceptional client service for the families we support.

A demonstration of outstanding leadership skills is paramount, ensuring colleagues play an integral part of supporting the local community and that standards of Funeral Partners employees are second to none.

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Operations Manager

This is a key role in ensuring the coordination of our funerals so that they run smoothly and that we deliver the highest level of client service. Working closely with the Area Development Managers and supporting the team on a daily basis, proficiency in planning, organisation and management are key attributes.

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Diary Manager

This role is integral to the planning of our main hubs and outlying funeral homes. With local knowledge, and working closely with our teams, they ensure we always provide an efficient service.

If you are great at coordinating people, equipment and events in a busy environment this could be the role for you.

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This is a skilled and specialist role, for which previous experience is required. Embalmers are responsible for the care of the deceased during the time that they are with us. They provide technical and specialist knowledge to ensure that the family’s wishes are carried out with dignity and respect, always mindful of religious beliefs and customs.

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Funeral Director

Our Funeral Directors take great pride in arranging and leading our client’s funerals. They work closely with a variety of colleagues, both within Funeral Partners team and as part of the wider community. Their role involves overseeing, arranging and conducting funerals and assisting in all administration and operational duties. They also ensure that funerals meet the exact requirements of the client and that our exceptionally high standards are constantly maintained. If you would like to be informed of any Funeral Director opportunities as they arise, please click here.

Funeral Arranger Administrator

This involves meeting with clients and working with them very closely to ensure their funeral arrangements are completed accurately, to the highest standard and in line with their wishes. Funeral Arranger Administrators continually go the extra mile to support people through a difficult time.

They will also arrange memorial services for family and friends of loved ones and continue to be a point of support long after the funeral has taken place.

If you are naturally empathetic and have a desire to help people at a time of need, and are good at organising and planning events, then this is the role for you.

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Funeral Service Operative

This role is integral to the successful running of funerals on a day-to-day basis. You will be the face of Funeral Partners on the day of the funeral, and responsible for supporting families and loved ones.

Fundamental aspects of the role include: assisting with bearing and driving and ensuring that premises and vehicles are maintained to a high standard of presentation and repair. A prerequisite is a high standard of personal appearance.

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Some of our busier branches have the support of either an administrator or receptionist. A core part of the team, this role is essential in the smooth running of a busy funeral home.

If you’re currently an administrator who enjoys being part of a hard-working team, with excellent attention to detail or a receptionist with a caring attitude who enjoys meeting people, please click here to find out when opportunities become available.

Casual opportunities

We have a team of casual workers who support the Funeral Service Operative and Funeral Arranger roles. If you prefer flexible working hours rather than being committed to a permanent contract this could be the ideal opportunity for you.

Many of our casual workers are retired or work with us as a second job to enhance their income. If you would like to know when opportunities in this role become available, please click here.

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