Reason for sale

We’ve helped many funeral homes face the future with confidence. No two are alike and we work individually with each to discover the best solution for them.

Independent funeral directors face a variety of situations and considerations which can lead them to think about selling their businesses. Here are some of the common reasons people get in touch to help them realise their wishes for the future of their business:


When you want to retire, you want the assurance that your business won’t fade away without your direction, but will continue to serve the community. Working with Funeral Partners can provide you with a pension, and peace of mind. We value your business’ reputation in the local community as this is one of the key assets to protect and develop for the future.


If you have ambitions for the growth of your company but don’t have the necessary resources to realise them, we can potentially give you the input you need. You can remain involved as a Business Principal, working alongside our experienced teams.

Family Changes

Many funeral homes are family concerns, often going back several generations. Major changes in the family, such as divorce, can mean that the business’ outlook is less certain. We can work with you to help unlock your assets while guaranteeing your company’s future.


If there’s no one to whom you would like to leave your business, asking Funeral Partners to invest ensures that your company continues to serve your community, maintaining its traditions and protecting your hard-earned reputation. We can support you in planning for the future to come up with a solution that is right for you.

Commitment to your business

Being involved in this profession requires total commitment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and over time this can cause exhaustion and burnout. With our investment, you can retain commitment to your business, but have time to relax again too, as we can take away much of the administrative and management burden.


The death of a family member or key person in a family firm can create a vacuum that is often hard to fill. Funeral Partners can assist you, by supplying our expertise and investment to help you carry on.


If your business model is under stress and you are experiencing cash flow problems, asking us to acquire your company can enable you to maintain your involvement as a Business Principal but remove your personal financial exposure.

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