Route to partnership

Ten Steps to joining Funeral Partners

Getting to know each other

There are many reasons why people may decide to sell their business and knowing these at the outset helps us to put together the right proposition.

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Exchange confidentiality agreement

We understand the need for absolute discretion in any discussions or negotiations and we always ensure a confidentiality agreement is signed before any information changes hands.

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Preliminary information request

Placing a value on your business, reviewing financial information and gathering further information are the vital steps we’ll take moving our discussions forward.

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Once we have an idea of value, we’ll discuss and consider which options best fit your requirements and any alternative ways of structuring a proposal

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Formal offer

Once a price for the business has been agreed we’ll send you a formal offer which will reflect all the details from our discussions

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Heads of Terms

The main purpose of the ‘Heads of Terms’ is to identify and provide a detailed list of all of the elements of the deal and a blueprint for the lawyers to work to in producing the relevant documentation.

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Exclusivity process

Exclusivity periods for our conversations, due process, due diligence, setting timescales and delivering on our promises are all part of the exclusivity process.

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We know that a funeral home reflects the character of the owner and we want to retain this uniqueness wherever possible, whilst also enhancing the operation by utilising our skills and experience.

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Throughout the deal process we will have been working with you and discussing the typical changes that are likely to be made to the business post-completion.

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Future planning

We will discuss with you and your employees the timing of any changes we might recommend, but these will always be carefully planned and in full consultation with you.

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Interested in becoming a Funeral Partner?

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