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Yes – the brand of any acquisition forms one of the key assets and we would therefore seek to protect and consolidate the brand and its local positioning going forward. Customers will understand the brand is no longer independent and forms part of a group but will continue to recognise the strengths associated with your established name. Our aim will be to handle the transition of marketing elements such as your advertising and signage with care and sensitivity.

Yes – Funeral Partners look to work with all of the local team, maintaining roles and team structures. The local team will have the support of a regional team and group capabilities for areas such as HR and training. New employment contracts might be required as part of the acquisition but this will provide continued protection for the recipients post-acquisition.

Yes – we want to work with you, your business and your employees to continue to build on the position built up to the sale. We recognise that you may want to reduce your role, both in terms of time and responsibility and we can work with you to achieve this. We have undertaken deals with shorter periods of commitment from sellers of the business but we feel this reduces the partner approach and may have implications for maintaining the brand in the form that the local market knows and expects.

Probably – this, along with other legal and financial consequences of selling a business, will be best answered by you working with established and trusted local advisors. Typically, a business sale will create a capital gains tax requirement.

Yes – as part of the acquired entity. We would look to work with all the members of your team that have assisted in getting the business to where it is today. You and your immediate family would agree to a period of non-compete and would not be able to undertake funerals independently so as to avoid confusion in the market and the continued strength of the acquired brand.

No – through the acquisition process we will work with you to understand the needs of the business and how best to support these. Additional resource and support can be provided but will be dependent on the situation. Post-acquisition, our integration team (who work as part of the deal) will provide continuity as the business works alongside new colleagues to support your clients.

This is unlikely – Funeral Partners do not utilise a corporate, consumer-facing brand and your customers will continue to recognise the brand in which they have always been able to trust. Although customers will see the Funeral Partners brand on brochures, price lists and discreetly on new signage, promoting your brand remains our priority. In addition, the recognised family and staff team will still be on hand to support the local community, particularly in their times of immediate need.

No – Funeral Partners work with a number of providers and have a variety of makes, models and colours of fleet. In our experience, an established brand is often identified with a particular style of fleet and where possible we would look to complement this going forward.

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