Welcoming Merstow Green Funeral Home to the Funeral Partners family

Merstow Green Funeral Home, in Evesham, Worcestershire, brings vast experience to the Funeral Partners family with a focus on reliable service and bereavement support.   

Business Principal Philip Tomlins has served the local community since 1987, Funeral Director Carol Phillips joined the business in 2012 with Senior Funeral Director Kevin Bowen joining three years later in 2015.

The business places great emphasis on bereavement support from its premises on Merstow Green.   

Phillip will still be conducting funerals and acting as a community ambassador, supporting the team in the day-to-day activities within the funeral home to maintain its standards and growth.

Judi Edwards, Area Development Manager, said: “This is a wonderful funeral directors that serves the community of Evesham with core values of respect and reliability, resulting in a strong reputation that we are keen to help grow.”

Sam Kershaw, CEO of Funeral Partners, said: “Bereavement support is an important service, and we are pleased to see it is a big focus for Merstow Green Funeral Home. 

“We welcome the team to the Funeral Partners family and look forward to helping them to continue to serve the Evesham community.”