Community-focused West Yorkshire funeral business joins Funeral Partners

Keighley-based Melia Powell Funeral Service is looking forward to a bright future, building on its strong roots in the local community after becoming part of Funeral Partners.

The business, established by former policeman Brian Langford in 2013, has built a reputation for high quality care and service in Keighley and the neighbouring Bradford and Skipton areas. Brian added his mother’s maiden name ‘Melia’ to the business name to represent the strong family values and the care, compassion and sensitivity he was brought up with which he set out to bring to the funeral home.

Brian explained: “I worked closely with a variety of funeral directors during my 31 years in the police service. Early in my career I was involved in liaison after the tragic Bradford City stadium fire and I saw the important role played by funeral directors.

“When I retired, I wanted to give something back to the community by providing the very best quality funeral care at an affordable price.”

Brian recruited Paul Cook, who has trained and progressed to the role of Funeral Director and Luke Riley Berry, who joined as an apprentice at 16 and quickly demonstrated the passion and ability to also progress to Funeral Director.

Although Brian has now reduced his hours to three days a week to give him more time for family and community, he continues to be involved in the business along with Paul and Luke.

Brian has strong roots in the Christian community of Keighley, serving as a church organist for 40 years, initially at St Anne’s and Our Lady of Victories and also at St Joseph’s, St Stephen’s in Skipton and churches in Bingley and Cottingley. Funeral Director Paul Cook is a cantor, soloist and celebrant in the church.

The business has also established strong relationships within the local Sikh and Hindu communities and is experienced in meeting their funeral requirements.

Brian said Funeral Partners offered a strong family ethos and shared the same values and community focus he had established.

He added: “Funeral Partners are passionate about the quality of the funeral care they provide and dedicated to enhancing the excellent service and reputation we have in Keighley.

“They are people focused, both on the people who work for them and the care they give to the families we look after. They are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our diverse community and further developing the business. I am confident Melia Powell Funeral Service will go from strength to strength.”

Funeral Partners’ Area Development Manager Keith Clegg welcomed the team and said: “Melia Powell has an excellent reputation for serving the diverse Keighley, Bradford and Skipton communities and makes a strong addition to our family of businesses.”

Thirteen funeral businesses joined Funeral Partners in 2018. Any Funeral Directors considering selling their businesses should contact Chief Executive Officer Sam Kershaw on 07834 531822, email: