Funeral Partners Gender Pay Gap Reports (2021 – 2022)

Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Reporting) Regulations 2017.
Organisation name: Funeral Partners Ltd
Date of report: 31st March 2023
Relevant period: From 06.04.21 to 05.04.22
Snapshot date: 05.04.22

Funeral Partners are the UK’s third largest funeral services business and manage over 220 funeral homes across the country, the majority of which have typically kept their original company names following acquisition by the Funeral Partners Group.

This is the sixth occasion which the business has reported formally on gender pay levels. The report is based on a workforce (being full-pay relevant employees) of 843, 472 male and 371 female at the report snapshot date of 05.04.22, being an increase in the size of the workforce compared to the previous Gender Pay Gap report for the business. This is a reflection of the impact upon workforce levels which acquisitions completed in the 12 month period since the previous snapshot date have had.

We highlight in this report, our key perspectives and observations in terms of the Company’s gender pay gaps, and any notable changes versus the position reported last year.

Organisation/Company statement

Our pay structures mean that we have minimal gender pay gaps within the Company. We endeavour to reward people fairly and consistently within our processes and reward structure. We are generally encouraged by the results, which we see as a reflection of the focus the business has applied to its’ reward framework.

At the snapshot date of 05.04.2022, the mean gender pay gap has decreased 1.9% from the previous year’s snapshot date, 05.04.21. The gender gap is driven by a role within the business, more typically filled by males, which has a requirement for out of hours working for which additional allowances are paid. As such this increases the average pay for males relative to females across the wider business. The decrease in the gender pay gap year on year, is in part linked to an increase in the proportion of female employees who are in the upper quartile pay band.

In the year the business, in light of positive financial performance, awarded a large number of bonuses to its employees. It should be noted that the Mean Male bonus levels are significantly distorted by a separate bonus scheme, linked to the specific nature of the roles of 4 people, and
as such distinct to the bonus scheme for the majority of the business. All of the people in the separate scheme are male, and their bonus payments are of a relatively high value. The impact of this is evident by the extent of the differential between the mean gap and median gap with
regards to bonus payments.

Differences in hourly pay

Difference between the mean hourly rate of pay between male and female employees as at 05.04.22: 10.8 % (05.04.21: 12.7 % ; 05.04.20 10.6% ; 05.04.18: 11.1%)

Difference between the median hourly rate of pay between male and female employees as at 05.04.22: 3.2% (05.04.21: 4.4% ; 05.04.20: 0.6% ; 05.04.18: 2.9%)

Differences in bonus pay

Difference between the mean bonus pay paid to male employees and that paid to female employees in the 12-month period ending on 05.04.22: 21.1%
(05.04.21: 21.7%; 05.04.20: 56.8%; 05.04.19: 11.4%)

Difference between the median bonus pay paid to male employees and that paid to female employees in the 12-month period ending on 05.04.22: -54.3%
(05.04.21: -28.3% 05.04.20: -78.8%; 05.04.19: -93.3%)

Proportions of male and female employees who were paid bonus pay for the 12-month period ending on 05.04.22 compared with 05.04.21 ; 05.04.20 and 05.04.19:

GenderPercentage who received bonus 05.04.22Percentage who received bonus 05.04.21Percentage who received bonus 05.04.20Percentage who received bonus 05.04.19

Quartile bands

Proportions of male and female employees who were in the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands as at 05.04.22 compared with 05.04.21 ; 05.04.20 and 05.04.19:

QuartileMen 05.04.22 Men 05.04.21 Men 05.04.20 Men 05.04.19 Women 05.04.22 Women 05.04.21 Women 05.04.20 Women 05.04.19
Lower middle44.1%38.7%35.7%40.4%55.9%61.3%64.3%59.6%
Upper middle53.1%49.7%48.9%45.6%46.9%50.3%51.1%54.4%


I confirm that the information contained within this report is accurate.


Date: 3rd April 2023

Name: Andrew Fraser
Position: Chief Financial Officer