Meet Funeral Director Ben McCutcheon

New Funeral Director Ben McCutcheon is looking forward to becoming an integral part of the local community after joining the team at Elizabeth Way & Company Funeral Directors. Ben has always spent his working life helping people. Working with children in care, people who have mental health issues, and as a trained chef running a kitchen at a women’s prison.

“All my previous jobs have been working with people who have found themselves in difficult situations,” Ben said.

“Those experiences have helped give me the skills which work well in funerals and helping people when they are grieving.“

Ben’s first foray with the funeral industry was during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and now he is delighted to be back, believing he has found his true calling. Ben is not only looking forward to helping people with their bereavements, but he is also wanting to help locals with other community activities. 

“Funeral directors can be a big part of the community, and there are still misconceptions about what we do, but I like to think that I, and everyone else here, are friendly and approachable,” he said.

In his spare time, Ben likes to return to his culinary roots by baking or hosting barbecues. Ben also enjoys music including playing the guitar, learning to play the drums, and attending live events.

“I’ve got quite a musical ear, and often find myself listening to music which families have chosen for funeral services,” he added.