Farm-tastic cortege from Hemming & Peace Funeral Services

Nigel Peace, Business Principal at Hemming & Peace Funeral Services in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, carried out a fitting funeral service for a local farmer with the help of the family’s vintage tractor collection.

Nigel worked closely with the family of the deceased to incorporate their loved one’s three old tractors into the cortege, which were beautifully restored by the farmer’s grandson.

The lead tractor pulled the coffin in a classic trailer purchased by the family and on a purpose-made deck provided by Hemming & Peace, while the second tractor tugged a skip filled with cattle feed and decorated with flowers.

Nigel said: “The three tractors looked very impressive as they made their way through the lanes to Tanworth-in-Arden.”

The procession circumnavigated the family’s land enroute to the church and stopped twice to feed the cattle from the skip.

Nigel continued: “It was amazing to see other farmers’ vehicles parked up at the church and suitably festooned with tributes to the famer concerned.”

Hemming & Peace is pleased to be able to offer this service to other local families with support from the family of the farmer.

Nigel said: “They were delighted to see it all come together and work so well and are happy to hire out their equipment to others seeking a similar send-off for their loved ones. Families need only contact us at Hemming & Peace and we would be glad to make introductions.”